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Is worse better?

How often have you heard Nationalists say, "Worse is better!" It's part of a mistaken belief that as the West slips toward the darkness the consciousness of Whites will somehow be awakened. Every illegal immigrant, every asylum seeker, and every black rapist will somehow bring us one step closer to a White homeland.

But it's not going to happen that way. Consciousness and reality have nothing to do with one another. For the past fifty years the West has laid comatose while our race problems have boiled over. Fifty years ago the Knoxville Horror would have sparked angry mobs of White men ready to hunt down every black male in sight.

Today the racial conditions in the United States and throughout the West have deteriorated such that we will have non-White majorities within this century. But our racial consciousness is lower than ever and our racial organizations are more impotent than ever. This decline in our fighting spirit goes hand-in-hand with our racial decline. Here's an unrelated example:
Their conditions improved but their demands increased.

"By any objective measure, the 1970s were a decade of stunning progress for American women. In 1971, only 4 percent of America's lawyers and judges were women; 14 percent were by 1981. Only 9 percent of America's doctors were women in 1971; 22 percent were by 1981. Only 10 percent of America's Ph.D. holders were women in 1971; 30 percent were by 1981. And yet, while in 1962 two-thirds of women said they had never been victims of discrimination, and as late as 1970 only half said they had, by 1974 two-thirds said they had been treated unfairly on account of their sex."

"...women, like blacks, came to feel themselves increasingly wronged as they increasingly succeeded."1

Whites are being shoved out of the dominant role in their own nations. But simultaneously they refuse to stand up for their own racial interests. It's time to top waiting for a stock market crash or natural disaster to do our work for us. The only path to success is to aggresively reach out to Whites. The war of ideas must be won before anything else.

1. How We Got Here: The 70's by David Frum