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The Making of a White Liberal

Have you ever wondered why there aren't more White Nationalists?

There have been dozens of failed experiments in racial 'equality.' From the period of decolonialization to the fall of White South Africa we have seen these policies fail again and again. 1 In the United States we have engaged in over fifty years of racial egalitarianism with disastrous results. Our once proud industrial cities are turned into ruins and White Americans are subject to brutal crimes day after day.2 3 4 5

The reasons for our decline are well documented - the ascendancy of Jewish influence, the piece-meal sale of our nations by international corporations, and the mass migration of non-Whites into our lands.6 What remains less clear is why fewer White people have become explicity pro-White in their politics.

On January 20, 2009 the first black President of the United States was sworn into office. The man stumbled over the words of his inauguration oath and grinned.7 President Obama had been voted into office by 43% of the White electorate.8

If we have any hope of creating a successful race-based political movement, we need to understand the 43% of Whites that elected President Obama. Why do they often deny the reality of race? Why can't they see the failure of racial integration and multiculturalism?

There are many ways to analyze this phenomenon. Rather than examining voter turnout, media influence, and other general areas, let us instead examine the life of a specific White liberal.* The case study of an individual will provide both character traits and environmental influences that may help us determine possible origins of the 'White liberal mentality'.

The obvious candidates for our study will be politicians, celebrities, and writers. Not only are their personal lives more accessible to the researcher, but the vast majority are politically liberal. So now we have another question. Why do wealthy, famous, and prominent individuals lean heavily to the left?

The Jewish stranglehold in media and academia is the big reason.9 10 Anyone who takes a pro-White political position would be confronted with academic dismissal, media blackout, and threats of physical violence. White advocates such as Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor are frequently targets of such methods.11 12

Yet, this only explains the passive acceptance of the liberal orthodoxy. This does not explain why so many intelligent and prominent individuals are not only acceptant of 'cultural marxism' but also its advocates. At 'elite' universities a full 87% of faculty self-identify as liberal.13 Robert Jensen, journalism professor at the University of Texas, has gone so far to say, "I want to live in a where I can at least imagine that someday I will be able to stop being white."14

But again, we need to know why these people have such views. So we return to our strategy of studying the life of an individual. But which individual to study? The individual should meet several criteria. The first is a 'healthy' childhood. Anyone with a traumatic or abnormal childhood should be excluded from our study. A second criteria should be outspoken support for liberal and left-wing causes, especially of a non-White type.

After a short search I found someone who met these requirements. The subject of our inquiry was born in Marshalltown, Iowa on November 13, 1938. She was raised in a Lutheran household, was fond of animals, and was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school. On September 8, 1979 her body was found decomposing in the back seat of her car, parked in a Paris suburb. After a life of left-wing political activism, a string of failed marriages, and mental instability, Jean Seberg was dead.

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*I use this term in its American meaning - not the European.

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