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The Making of a White Liberal: Conclusions

There are four factors that push Whites against their racial interests.

1. Altruism

This is the biggest internal factor. Most White Europeans and their descendants have a high degree of natural altruism. The Scandinavian nations are noted for their liberal policies and welfare-states. These nations have more equal distribution of wealth than most "Communist" regimes.1 2 In a multicultural setting, Whites are easy targets for scam-artists and criminals because they fall victim to their own psychological projection.3 Whites assume that different races have, at heart, the same basic mental attitudes and desires. This is psychological projection at its worst.

White altruism is a positive genetic trait and, as Ian Jobling stated, increases our 'social capital.'4 The only problem is that non-Whites do not typically share this trait and tend to break down White societies from the inside. In an all-White society there would be no problem with altruism. In matters of foreign policy and war, our nations have proven themselves quite capable of defending themselves from external threats - it is only when these threats become internalized that our societies fall apart. The only solution for this is the removal of non-Whites from White nations.

2. Alienation

The second factor is alienation from a White identity. In some cases this is perhaps an innate development among people with high insecurities. In many cases I suspect that it is the result of cradle-to-grave anti-White propaganda in the media and education system. Mainstream culture portrays racial solidarity among whites as abnormal and backward, while non-Whites are encouraged to stick together for their own interests. Can anyone imagine a White counterpart to Black Entertainment Television? What about a White counterpart to Ebony magazine? Maybe a White version of Miss Black America? The inability for Whites to identify with their own race and "fit in" leads to their adoption of radical causes that undermine their own ethnic group. Even organizations that are overwhelmingly White, such as the Republican party and other 'conservative' groups, are disallowed from having a pro-White identity.

Our problem of alienated White identity can only be fixed by promoting pro-White organizations. These do not have to be political in nature, but could also be cultural or economic. Simply put, we need an outlet for Whites with a political or creative drive. This is a tricky area because most Western governments have anti-discrimination laws that undermine the freedom of association between Whites. The British National Party has recently found out that White Britons are no longer allowed to organize for their own interests.5

3. Social Isolation

Many upper class whites are isolated from reality. Most White liberals seem to have grown up in all-White upper-income neighborhoods. Writers, politicians, and celebrities tend to not be around the non-Whites they so often support. Furthermore, upper-class Whites with high IQs tend to socialize overwhelmingly with other high-IQ individuals, few of which belong to the darker races6 All of these situations make it easy for upper-class Whites to be unaware of the tremendous difference between the races. This explains the existence of our current "liberal elite."

The problem of 'social isolation' seems easily solved. When White people don't experience life with non-Whites on a regular basis they forget the great differences that exist between our races. The "easy" solution is a massive campaign of race-realist education.

4. The 'J' factor

Even when I deliberately try to find other reasons for our racial decline, the Jews keep popping up. As T.E. Lawrence had a 'genius for backing into the limelight' I have found myself constantly backing away from the Jewish Question, only to bump into something, and then turn and discover myself staring directly at a Jew.

For example, during my investigation of Jean Seberg's life, a life notable for its political radicalism and interracial relationships, there were astoundingly many Jewish influences. Both Romain Gary, her first husband, and Dennis Berry, her third husband, were 'French' Jews. The Jewish connection was not apparent at first only because both husbands no longer used their original names. 

Among Jean's cultural influences was Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman. She bought his records on trips to America and introduced them to her friends in France. She also spoke positively of the fact that Allen Ginsberg was lecturing at American universities. Ginsberg, for those unaware, was a homosexual poet and member of NAMBLA.

As I came to see the myriad of Jewish influences in Jean's life, I also noticed that the counter-culture of her adopted country of France was also dominated by Jews. The 1968 unrest in France, which included a student revolt and nationwide strikes, was led primarily by Jews such as Alain Geismar, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alain Krivine, and Marc Kravetz.7

In one my previous essays I pointed out that the 'Civil Rights' movement in the United States was dominated by Jewish leadership and organization.8 The anti-apartheid movement in South Africa was also led by Jewish activists. These movements swept away not only long-standing racial segregation but also worked to abolish the underlying awareness of racial differences. Jewish scientists such as Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin have worked to 'prove' that race doesn't exist. The Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev has now issued a call to 'abolish the white race.'9

As I said above, one of the steps we have to take is to spread the truth about racial differences. But race-realism will face tremendous opposition so long as Jewish influence exists within our media and educational system.10 11 Thus, waking up White people to our race's problems will have to occur either simultaneously with our solution of the Jewish Question, or not at all.

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